Chaverweb for High Holy Days

  • All ticket ordering is done through our Chaverweb system. You must be registered with Chaverweb before you can use the website.
  • If you are a Temple member but have never given the Temple your email address, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will help you.
  • Click on a link at the bottom of the page– these will take you to the Chaverweb login.
  • Enter your username (email address) and password to sign on.

    • If you don’t remember your password or do not have a Chaverweb account, please contact the Temple office at (516) 487-0900
    • If you enter an incorrect password more than four times, your account will be locked out. To unlock it, contact the Temple office during regular business hours.
  • On the next screen select the icon that reads "Event Sign Up." You will see High Holiday Tickets. Click that box.

  • The next screen will show each member of your family on the left and on the right will be the event options.

    For each family member (one at a time), once you have selected your name, the options will appear for you to select. You have the option of selecting either both or the individual Holiday you are attending; for each family member select the services you will be attending only. Return to the left for the next family member if attending.  In the same location will be the section for special requests.  If you have no special requests please check the N/A box.  If you do have a special request, please give the reason (i.e. – aisle seat needed because I have a walker).
  • If you need to order tickets for guests, after you have completed your request, follow the instructions above. Please make sure that you choose the correct guest ticket and fill in all the information correctly. In order to make payment for a guest ticket a credit card is required at time of registration.

  • When you have made ALL your selections for your family,at the bottom of the page hit NEXT, this will take you to your confirmation page. Please check the information, if anything is missing or incorrect hit EDIT, if everything is correct hit FINALIZE (very important, your request is not complete until you hit FINALIZE.

  • If you have followed the directions you will receive a confirmation email.

    If you have any questions, please call Charlene Levy at the temple office (516) 487-0900