The Building

The sanctuary was built over a three-year period and dedicated in 1970. Designed by Armand Bartos, the distinguished architect of The Sacred of The Book in Jerusalem, which houses The Dead Sea Scrolls, this section of our synagogue was cited in Architectural Review as “an outstanding example of modern synagogue architecture.”

Sanctuary bema wall, ark and eternal light by Louise Nevelson

In the Sanctuary

The bema wall, ark and eternal light are a memorial to the Holocaust Jews entitled The White Flame of The Six Million. It is by world-renowned artist Louise Nevelson, who designed a total environment for our sanctuary to stimulate the imagination without disturbing meditation.

Torah scroll covers designed by artist Ina Golub The Torah scroll covers were designed by artist Ina Golub and the needlepoint work was done by members of the congregation.
Representation of the Western Wall by artist Moishe Castel

In the Santuary Lobby

Representation of the Western Wall of King Solomon’s Temple. Red and black basalt painting by Moishe Castel. A major work of Castel’s is the sculpture wall in Israel’s Knesset building.


Flame Sculpture by Seymour Meyer

The Flame, an aluminum sculpture by Dr. Seymour W. Meyer z’ll, noted physician, sculptor and Temple Beth-El congregant, gives the feeling of arms lifed up to heaven in prayer, in an abstract form.
Ilya Schor Ark Doors in Rudin Chapel

In the Rabbi Jacob Philip Rudin Chapel

Ilya Schor, creator of the silver doors for the ark of our Chapel, was a wood engraver, painter, and master silversmith. Here are depicted 36 righteous people in the Torah who are portrayed in a contemporary design.

Pelzig mosaic of Jacob

The Mural by Perli Pelzig

The mural, a mosaic tile wall, created and executed by famed artisit Perli Pelzig, depicts, in a magnificent modern art form, the biblical narrative concerning Jacob’s dream. It can be found in the space occupied by the Judaica Shop next to the Rudin Chapel.