Temple Beth-El wants to be here for you in troubled times. Illness and loss are challenges that every person will face at some point and a supportive community can make a painful time more bearable. Let us assist you when you have a need. The clergy and the Caring Community committee are available to help you in all sorts of ways.


Healing Service


This “healing service” is an opportunity for spiritual uplift in a sometimes troubling world. It is designed to offer a sense of community, comfort, and hope in traditional and innovative forms of Jewish prayer. All who struggle with ailing bodies or souls, all whose loved ones are suffering, are invited to come together; members and nonmembers alike are welcome. If you know of someone who could benefit from this service bring them with you. Watch the Bulletin for the “healing service” schedule.


Hospital Visits


Should you or a loved one experience a stay in the hospital, please let the hospital know that you are Jewish and would welcome a clergy visit or have a family member call the temple directly. Rabbis Feldman and Rabbi Van Thyn make regular hospital visits but they can only see you there if they know you are a patient.


Mishebeirach Prayer List


On Shabbat, the clergy reads the names of those who need a prayer for healing—of the body or of the spirit. If you would like to have your name read or that of a loved one, please contact the clergy or Main Office. Please do not submit a name for the mishebeirach list if you do not have that person’s permission.