There are many activities in which Temple Beth-El parents and/or guardians and their children may participant and have fun together, to grow together … from Familyhood picnics and the Tzedakah project, which helps provide local families in need with complete and nutritious holiday turkey dinners, to enjoying the Purim service and carnival (costumes anyone?) and other worship opportunities specifically designed to be a family experience (for example, at Simchat Torah, join the hakafah and march behind the Torah around the sanctuary). In addition, there are the education programs at Temple Beth-El described below that are designed specifically for parents and/or guardians with children in our Religious School.


For those with children in kindergarten through grade 6, there are the ACT (Adult and Children Together) programs. At least once each year, at each grade level, kindergarten through 6th, the parents/guardians/grandparents and children have an opportunity to come together to learn about a specific Jewish holiday or event, to enjoy the discussion together, to come away having grown in the appreciation of each other’s participation.

FACEtime (Family and Children Engagement Time) – K – 6th Grades

Rabbi Nehorai taught “Uproot yourself to live in a community where Torah is studied; do not delude yourself that Torah will come to you. Only with colleagues can your studies be fortified. Do not rely on your own understanding.” Rabbi Nehorai taught that the only way to truly understand Torah is to study as a community. This is our goal for our new model of family education at Temple Beth-El — our FACEtime program. Many families with students in 4th through 6th grade will come together on select Friday nights and on other special occasions to experience the spirituality of Shabbat, the lessons of Torah, and the sanctity of tikkun olam (repair of the world). For 2015-2016, we have added a FACEtime program for children from kindergarten through 3rd grade. Families with children enrolled in the new program will come together one Friday night a month for a Shabbat Eve dinner and more.

HEBREWtime – 4th – 6th Grades

HEBREWtime is a component of FACEtime. Each month, students participate in individualized learning with a Hebrew teacher one-on-one, either in person or by utilizing Skype to practice the Hebrew prayers they are working on in class. This individualized program is tailored to meet student needs. It is unique in nature and designed to give students confidence in their Hebrew reading. In addition to providing flexibility in the time and place of learning, some of the important qualities of HEBREWtime are that it can be individualized (one-to-one) distance learning or in person. HEBREWtime reduces student frustration, enhances enrichment, allows students to progress at a faster rate, sets up students for success, fosters students’ ability to practice Hebrew on their own, and builds a personal relationship between families and Jewish educators. For more information about our HEBREWtime program please contact: hebrewcoordinator@tbegreatneck.org.