The Aleinu is said near the end of morning, afternoon, and evening services.

We stand when saying the Aleinu prayer.


To listen to Cantor Hest chant the Aleinu and V’ne-emar prayers,
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The Aleinu

Aleinu l’shabei-ach laadon hakol, lateit g’dulah l’yotzeir b’reishit,
shelo asanu k’goyei haaratzot, v’lo samanu k’mishp’chot haadamah.
Shelo sam chelkeinu kahem, v’goraleinu k’chol hamonam. Vaanachnu
kor’im, umishtachavim umodim, lifnei Melech mal’chei hamlachim,
HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

Let us now praise the Sovereign of the universe, and proclaim the greatness of
the Creator who has set us apart form the other families of the earth, giving us
a destiny unique among the nations. We bend the knee and bow,
acknowledging the supreme Sovereign, the Holy One of Blessing.


Aleinu is immediately followed by:

V’ne-emar, v’hayah Adonai l’Melech al kol haaretz.
Bayom hahu yih’yeh Adonai echad, ush’mo echad.

Thus it is said, Adonai will be Sovereign over all the earth.
On that day, Adonai will be one, and God’s Name will be one.