The Gay and Lesbian Inclusion Committee’s programs are designed for the gay and lesbian community, their families and friends, and are not limited to members of Temple Beth-El. (Click to further understand who we are.)

When the temple’s committee was formed, programming became an integral part of its mission. GLIC hosts holiday related events at Sukkot, Chanukah and Pesach with invitations going out to the gay and lesbian community of Long Island and, in the spirit of inclusion, their families and friends are also welcome.

Over the years, other programming has been inserted into the temple’s life including social events such as dances, social action and educational events such as films/videos, lectures and the like about AIDS in the Jewish Community and documentaries about gay and lesbian Jews. Many of these programs have been co-sponsored by other temple committees – Social Action, Caring Community, Brotherhood and Women’s Network. World AIDS Day is annually commemorated at Temple Beth-El of Great Neck. Discussion groups and a book club are other events sponsored by GLIC.

Please feel free to contact John Hirsch or Herb Leiman, GLIC co-chairs, through the temple office at