Temple Beth-El’s Greening Initiative is in full swing, and we will be the first synagogue on Long Island to eliminate single-use plastics!

All of our single-use products are compostable — made of cornstarch, wheat straw, and sustainable paper alternatives.  In about four months, they will become nutrient-rich soil. And, we are recycling all paper, glass, and plastic!

What can you do right now to make a difference?

The next time you go shopping, challenge yourself to take a reusable bag.

Grab a reusable water bottle before you leave the house.

Recycle whenever possible. Buy products with less packaging. Opt to re-use rather than replace whenever you can.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Tara Feldman at tfeldman@tbegreatneck.org or (516) 487-0900 ext. 116.