Torah Study
9:15 – 10:15 a.m.
Every Saturday Morning


Find a whole new way — actually many new ways — to look at the Torah and Jewish thought. No previous Torah experience is necessary, and you can drop in any time. Come just to listen or jump right in to fascinating discussions. The rabbis rotate the facilitation of Torah Study. Whoever is in charge – Rabbi Meir Feldman, Rabbi Tara Feldman, or Rabbi Rachel Van Thyn – leads a discussion on the weekly portion (parashah), usually focusing on several verses from the Torah narrative, not the complete parashah. Each week, this enthusiastic group examines the parashah and discusses its meaning, how it was interpreted in the past and the relevance of the parashah through the use of traditional commentaries and personal reflection.


For those who wish to prepare for Torah Study, we recommend the Torah Study page on the Reform Judaism website.  

Torah Study is for everyone.

No previous background or knowledge of Hebrew is required!

Come one time – or every week!

Everyone is welcome to join our congregational Shabbat morning service which follows at 10:30 a.m.

Consider staying for our not-quite-monthly Extended Shabbat Experience after Shabbat services.