Tu B'Shevat Yoga, Havdallah & Book Launch

4:30 pm - 5:45 pm

Sharon Epstein and Rabbi Tara Feldman have authored a new book!

Into a Jewish Holiday Year with Yoga: A Workbook and Guided Journey for Body, Mind and Soul

This book is a gateway and guide which seeks to add richness, depth, and meaning to the experience of a Jewish holiday year through the practice of yoga. It is adaptable for use in yoga or Judaic settings, for group experiences, or for solitary practice. Into a Jewish Holiday Year with Yoga is a resource for:

All who seek an expanded, enlivened, and embodied experience of the Jewish holiday year 

Yoga practitioners and instructors exploring the integration of yoga with Jewish tradition. 

Educators and community leaders facilitating Jewish experiences in synagogues, schools, community centers, retreats and summer camps

All who love Judaism and yoga

This book makes a great gift. Click here to buy your copy.

Event will be on Zoom: Click hereto register.