Please feel free to be in touch.  We welcome your inquiries.

Main Office/General Inquiry
 516 487-0900
Rabbi Meir Feldman Ext. 120
    Senior Rabbi
Rabbi Tara Feldman Ext. 118
    Senior Rabbi
Rabbi Elle Muhlbaum
Ext. 104
    Assistant Rabbi
Cantor Vladimir Lapin Ext. 123
Stuart Botwinick Ext. 107
    Executive Director
Dafna Weintraub                         Ext. 116
   Executive Assistant to the Clergy
Joy Palevsky
Ext. 115
    Office Manager and Assistant
    to the Executive Director
Joy Allen Ext. 126
     Administrative Coordinator
David Woolfe

Principal, Religious School

Ext. 124


Vicki Perler Ext. 130
    Early Childhood Education Ctr.   
    Education for pre-K children,
    10 months to 5 years of age
Nancy Freed Ext. 129  
    Administrative Assistant to the  
    Early Childhood Education Ctr.
Cari Horn Ext. 119
Tracy Feldman Ext. 123 
     Small Groups Coordinator
Jon Muniz Ext. 211
    Director of Facilities
































When in doubt as to whom you want to speak, call our general number … 516-487-0900

Reach us by fax … Our fax number is 516-487-6941

Reach us by email … Send your message to

If it’s an emergency and the Main Office is closed … Our emergency number is 516-448-6215

If you have a question for one of our rabbis, please feel free to …Ask a Rabbi