Religious School and Hebrew High School Info

Temple Beth-El of Great Neck and Temple Israel of Great Neck have partnered to form a joint religious school called Kulanu, which means “all of us” in Hebrew. Under the direction of Rabbi Amy Roth, director of Congregational Schools, and Avi Siegel, director of the Waxman Hebrew High School and Youth Engagement, along with David Woolfe, TBE educator and Kulanu liaison, students and families will have the opportunity to experience the vitality and synergy of our religious school.

Through our visionary community school model, Temple Beth-El is committed to the best of Reform Judaism, always working to:

  • Enhance the peace and sanctity of our homes,
  • Honor and cherish the fantastic diversity of our families,
  • Better the lives of those who are less fortunate and improve the well-being of our world,
  • Expand even further the warmth and energy that defines our school and prayer services,
  • Learn as much as we possibly can about Jewish texts and traditions,
  • Bring as much joy and relevance as we possibly can to Jewish life,
  • Create exciting, meaningful and uplifting experiences for our teens.

Temple Beth-El’s traditions will be honored when we meet at TBE as well as when we go to Temple Israel. Regular social-action programs at TBE, organized by David Woolfe, will be a hallmark of this year’s program. Along with David Woolfe, TBE clergy will be an active presence in the Kulanu religious school and Youth House teen program. Students will interact with TBE clergy through prayer, social, classroom and virtual experiences.

Temple Beth-El Bar and Bat Mitzvah training will remain distinct from that of Temple Israel students and will involve intensive one-on-one and small-group work with our clergy and staff. TBE Family Shabbat and holiday programs will take on added importance as we ensure that students and families maintain and deepen their connection to TBE clergy, staff and our beloved Reform traditions.


Kulanu Class and Zoom Hebrew Tutorial Schedule for Kindergarten to Grade 6


Kindergarten and First, Second and Third Grades on-site from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades via Zoom


First, Second and Third Grades via Zoom

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades on-site from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.


Youth House Course Options for Grades 8 to 12

Weekly Class on Tuesdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Join other teens to explore your Jewish self and remove the pressures of the world while being authentic in our curated space. Classes include Perkei Avot, Torah with the Rabbi, Jewish Heroes, Judaism and the Media, Rituals for our Lives and #RealJudaism.

Youth House Cooking Seminar (Monthly)

Take an exciting culinary adventure with our resident chef Tziona Kamel as she teaches students how to whip up some of the most delicious dishes from around the world. All ingredients will be provided, and after each class students will take home the food they learned to prepare.

Youth House Green Squad (Monthly)

If you have a green thumb and want to make the world a little better, join our squad to meet and discuss projects we can take on to make our carbon footprint a little smaller—and then share what we’ve learned to educate the larger community.

Youth House Israel Seminar (Monthly)

Israel is the Jewish homeland, and so much in its modern history affects our lives. Gain a new perspective on the country’s issues and navigate your relationship with the State of Israel when you join our seminar to discuss its land, people, rights and safety.

Leadership Training Institute (Monthly)

The Leadership Training Institute offers teens a chance to gain the skills and knowledge that will enable them to become the next generation of leaders. This core group will create a stronger Jewish community as they collaborate on fun, social and meaningful events for other Jewish teens in Great Neck.

Rosh Hodesh/BROdesh (Monthly)

Rosh Hodesh meets at the home of Moji Pourmoradi for art, sharing and delicious food. Rosh BROdesh meets at Youth House with Avi Siegel for discussions about Jewish masculinity, sports, activities and good food.

Senior Seminar (Monthly)

High school seniors can savor their last year at their temple home and gain insight for their big transition by joining the rabbis for discussions on what it means to leave the nest, as they participate in conversations on college, relationships, Israel on campus, Jewish journeys and Anti-semitism.

Team Tikkun (Monthly)

When you join our monthly social-action team, you will participate in the Rise Up challenge, Challah for Hunger, interactive soups kitchen, Midnight Runs and the brand-new Teen Philanthropy. We will spend time figuring out what true chesed work entails and how we can make the world a better place.

Youth House Internship

Do you need an internship for school? Learn what it takes to run a business, get first-hand experience and even develop your own program.

USY/Kadima (Only $100)

Become a member of our local USY/Kadima Chapter, and you will be entitled you to go to divisional and regional events.


To register for Kulanu Religious School and Youth House Teen Programs, click on the appropriate link.

Kindergarten to First Grade Registration 

Second to Sixth Grade Registration 

Seventh to Twelfth Grade Registration 


To learn more, click on these helpful links:

Drop-off and Pick-up Information 

Kulanu Religious School Calendar 

Kulanu Religious School Code of Conduct 

Snack Policy 

Health Questionnaire 

Parent Association Dues 

Hebrew High School

Gesher 4-Year-Old Program


For questions, contact David Woolfe, Rabbi Roth or Avi Siegel


2020–21 Fees (No Synagogue Membership Required)

Religious School

Kindergarten: $700

First to Seventh Grades: $1,300

COVID-19 Fee: $36 per student

Youth House Hebrew High for Eighth to Twelfth Grade

Weekly Program: $990

Monthly Programs: $445 (for 1) • $840 (for 2 to 3) • $1,235 (for 4 to 6)

All Access Package: $1,650


Note: During in-person classes, everyone will be required to wear masks and will be social distancing.